At Epic Arena, we’re an immersive, ultra-modern arcade specialising in golf simulators & VR.

Step out of the ordinary and into our interactive space, home to six large golf simulators, four VR booths, a full-service bar, various arcade machines and more.

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Epic Arena is built for you to hone and refine the way you golf.

Our golf simulators use the latest technology to track every angle and movement in your swing from your club path to launch trajectory. When you compliment this experience with the expertise of our in-house AAA-rated coach, you’re almost guaranteed to level up your game.

Whether you go by yourself or with a group, Epic Arena’s indoor facilities are perfect for practising your swing, rain or shine.


Unwind with VR, drinks and food. Experience immersive games and worlds in high definition at one of our VR stations, grab a drink from our full-service bar or a bite from our dine-in options. Everything you need to relax is all in one location.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I modify my booking?

If you want to modify or cancel your booking please call us on (03) 9399 1332 during our opening hours and we’ll have it sorted for you as quickly as possible.

Are their special safety concerns or rules?

Epic Arena is a safe and enjoyable environment similar to that of any driving range or golf course. Safe swing areas will be defined for your group and rules regarding the number of players on each booth and one player swinging at any time must be adhered to for your own safety and enjoyment.